Mobile Big Band Society, Inc.

Dear Friends,

Mobile Big Band Society is a Sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to continue the performance and preservation of the great music of the Big Band era.

Our Band gives public and private performances of traditional “Swing” music and includes the wonderful melodies of other genres as well.  Also, in keeping with its mission, the Society conducts The Jazz Studio, a program for the further education of young musicians, the next generation of players ready to take on the challenge of a truly American art-form, jazz and improvisation.

We depend on your gifts to keep our mission alive.

Help us continue to bring to the Gulf Coast stages a little Miller, Goodman, Dorsey, Basie, and all the other greats of the Big Band era. Support this great music with a donation to the Mobile Big Band Society.


Ralph Holberg, President


Mobile Big Band Society, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed to continue the performance and preservation of the music of the Big Band era. Regional band members play for the sheer joy of getting together to make the music, for themselves, for their “mature” fans, who have heard and loved it all their lives, and for the younger set, many just discovering the melodies, harmonies and romantic lyrics of the Great American Song Book.

The excitement of the sound is certainly nothing new to Mobilians.  They have long enjoyed the music of Bill Lagman, Roy Choice, Bob Schultz, Paul Filben, E.B. Coleman. There were others also, some still performing. Hosea London’s “Excelsior Band” comes to mind. They keep on swinging, to the great delight of friends and followers.

“We were organized not only to entertain; we are also devoted to promoting our genre which, if it wasn’t for us, a few professional bands, the musicians still making our music, we would continue to fade from the scene — not good,” said Ralph Holberg, founding President.

“The loss of any art form is bad enough, the loss of ours, a very American form, would be particularly bad, since music affects the psyche and soul in an immediate way, and ours celebrates mostly what’s happy, joyful, romantic and it makes you want to dance, and that’s a value in itself.”